About Morton Morelli

Morton Morelli is the author of Sardine Packing, the complex relationship thriller launched in December 2015 and available now on Amazon and Kindle, see link above.

Morton is currently working on Sardine Packing 2, the sequel and we will be posting some free chapters here in due course so please stay in touch.

Feel free to make contact, the team here are completely approachable. You can email sales, enquiries or Morton direct. Follow Morton on Facebook and Twitter. You can even call his office and leave him a message and he will do his best to come back to you.

Morton Morelli in September 2015



Are you one of those people who would love to write a book?
If you know that you have always wanted to, well now it is time to start.

We want to support you through the process from start to finish. You don’t have to do it with a desire to become an over night success, in fact it is better to think that it is ‘art for arts sake’. But it is a sense of pride when you hold your first book in your hands.

Or are you a new author who already has the first draft of your book. We will help you turn that manuscript or ideas into a physical book. It is a lonely road to write a book as any author will tell you, but we have been there and done that and we will help.

We pride ourselves on providing an open and honest approach to the support services that you need.

: sales@mortonmorelli.com