Rather than struggle with the post writing process, we are happy to help.
We can take care of editing and formatting ready for printing your book.

Essentially this is not a package product and you can select any aspect of our author services. It is really a collective, where we can benefit from working together allowing bulk purchase deals to all users.

It is far cheaper than buying a package and never mind the Gold, Silver, Bronze approach, you decide what you need and buy just that. This way you also keep control and again, you keep all of your royalties. Packaged products promise sales outlets, but be carful, Amazons sales represent around 70% of the total worldwide book sales, the next best around 5%, so don’t share your royalties to a package provider only to see most sales come from amazon anyway.

So you tell us what you need and we will accommodate and price according to the work involved. We will guide you from your natural creative nature to a quality hardback book on sale to the public: editing@mortonmorelli.com

As Morton Morelli is also an author, these services have grown out of his personal contacts. The desire was and is, to benefit from the ability to bulk purchase by buying together.

We will even share all that we know about selling and what we discover along the way.

For any editing enquiries please contact us at: editing@mortonmorelli.com