We have a very competitive hardback printing solution for independent authors.

It works well with orders of around 1000, as this brings the price down and a 1000 should be a manageable number for you to be able to sell.

For an average book, let’€™s say 100,000 words, size, 6’s€ x 9’s€ at around 300 pages the price is $3 per book, in Europe it equates to around €2.75 or for the UK £2 a book. This price also includes free delivery for European destinations. For the USA, let’€™s say for example New York, a 1000 books will be $500 dollars delivery charge. Still making it only $3.50 per hardback book.

We believe that this is very competitive, but essentially there is no additional costs so you keep your royalties. To find this service we looked at various solutions, until settling on our current partner who matched our quality and price brief. The tender was one based on quantity, not as an individual, but as a collective. So your orders like ours are reduced in price; therefore we are ultimately helping each other.

The potential sales price of a hardback book should return a decent profit margin to make the whole exercise worthwhile. As you well know, if your product looks good, it is far easier to sell. Hardback adds a level of professionalism that gives it an edge over paperback.

Please make contact and let€™s get you a specific quote; there is no obligation. We can look at order sizes of 500 to 50,000 and beyond. Turnaround time is around 4 weeks and we are happy for you to see a sample of the work before you place an order: printing@mortonmorelli.com

We are happy to discuss a payment plan and we are confident that we will find a solution to your needs.