We would like to work with you on your book cover. Our designers will work to your brief to create a completely unique cover and essentially, you will own the image outright. After all, we all know that people really do judge a book by the cover.

But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this. We can provide a top quality cover for all formats, Hardback, paperback and eBook and it shouldn’t cost more than around $300 for all three. As you own the image, you can use this on all of your marketing material and any merchandise that you choose to produce.

Shop around and you will find some good providers out there, but it is a very wide price range. We think that our price at $300 for all three is competitive, especially for the quality. You have to get the balance right, you could pay far more and indeed far less. We are happy to have a chat at no obligation so feel free to make contact: coverdesign@mortonmorelli.com

Other companies may try and sell you a support package that includes ‘book cover design’, but the overall cost will almost certainly be more expensive. We recommend that you should consider exactly what you need and source those elements individually.

Come with us and not only is the price very competitive, but the book is all yours, there is no additional costs and we never take royalties. So make contact now and let’s start a conversation about your ideas: coverdesign@mortonmorelli.com